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June 26, 2004

TMBG should only do synthpop

I hadn't picked up any TMBG non-collection albums or EPs for several years, but now I have a copy of the Indestructible Object EP. "Am I Awake?" is a thoroughly excellent piece of synthpop. If I knew the fancy words that one uses to decompose a song into its various themes and movements, I would use them to great effect at approximately this portion of the paragraph. But I don't. Very good track though.

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more posts!

Gah! I forgot all about posting so my visualization thing would have data. So here's a post. And I predict a nother post in the near future! Near!

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June 23, 2004

New Order Spinoffs

I highly recommend Monaco and The Other Two to anyone who likes New Order, and perhaps Electronic as well.

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YAP: Planet Python

It be at:


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June 22, 2004

Back From Vacation

And boy are my arms tired. Hah hah hah! I kill me. Seriously, I need to make up gibberish posts for visualization purposes. At least there's a good dead time interval now that will perhaps make visualization more interesting. Or not. Who knows. I'm really just padding. Pad, pad pad, that's all I do.

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