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September 01, 2004

KoalaRainbow 0.10.1 released

The only difference between 0.10.1 and 0.10 is that 0.10.1 is less stupid about setting up its paths in the failover case for krgui.cgi. Additionally, if it still fails, it will print out slightly more information which is of use to me. If you have KoalaRainbow installed and can access the visualization lab, you do not need this release.

Files, as always, are at: http://www.onlythewind.org/koalarainbow/files/

If you have any troubles with this new release, please post a comment on this post, and I will attempt to resolve it. Comments are good because I really need actual data to visualize. (I also need posts too, so I'll start posting gibberish again.)

Posted by sombrero at September 1, 2004 02:57 AM


I very like visualized graphics of Koalarainbow examples. I get good result from the first example "pulse rate" ( -- > <http://tanakaa.main.jp/palm/arc/001891.php), but get error messages from the rest example graphics.

Could you teach me the usage of "krgui.cgi"?
I'd like to make further trial using lab version scripts in "KoalaRainbow :: Example Visualizations," using "KoalaRainbow 0.10.1." But, I may not understand proper usage of "krgui.cgi." I only get a lot of error messages. What shall be put in "Query String" and "Visualization Template"?

... for example "Hanging Day Line" case,
Are the whole script (
<MTKRVisualization> ... </MTKRVisualization>) put in the Visualization Template?

When I put whole of script in the Visualization Template, I just get error messages like the following...
Visualization Error:
Eval Error: Month '-1' out of range 0..11 at ../extlib/OnlyTheWind/KoalaRainbow/Util.pm line 95

Eval Error: Node '$this_weeks_entries' evaluated to undef. Returning undef. at ../extlib/OnlyTheWind/KoalaRainbow/QueryParseNodes/QueryContext.pm line 269.
(This line was repeated more than ten times.)

"VU View of Activity",
"Lab Version (Category Colored), works in index too:" case,

Can't call method "loop" on an undefined value at ../extlib/OnlyTheWind/KoalaRainbow/Visualization.pm line 812.

Received null context manager. Returning undef. at ../extlib/OnlyTheWind/KoalaRainbow/QueryParseNodes/QueryContext.pm line 239.
Use of uninitialized value in concatenation (.) or string at ../extlib/File/Spec/Unix.pm line 78.

Posted by: Clover at November 12, 2004 07:47 PM

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