June 28, 2004

Rio Karma Sadness

I recently heard that you can fix a Rio Karma when it gets unhappy about its hard disk by wanging it against a desk or otherwise giving it a good shock. Sadly, after I heard about this, I had to do it. It was making all kinds of clicky sounds and what not. But it works again.

If I were them, I wouldn't buy any hard disks from that company ever again.

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June 10, 2004


I want a roomba that is shaped like a wedge so that as it drives around, it can burrow under the crap on the floor, vacuum the carpet, then the crap will fall down again. I think it's a good idea. Brilliant, some might say.

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May 28, 2004

Sidekick r0x0rs

I must say that my new T-Mobile sidekick is quite the pleasant electronic device to use. Take note that I am gratuitously extending the length of this message de plume in order to have a long message as a data point. Perhaps even one with multiple paragraphs.

Yes, yes, multiple paragraphs. Capital idea, just capital. Or is it capitol? It seems more likely to be capital. Of course, I'm no big city lawyer, but it seems like capitol referring to a specific locale as opposed to a more generic term such as capital which suggest this is the case. After all, capital might just be used as a superlative based on its dictionary definition, grown out of use.

So tired. So very, very tired. Why oh why do I set my alarm to go off so long before I actually get up? I have the feeling that probably increases my tired-ness and decreases the benefit derived from sleeping.

Okay, that's pretty good. Four paragraphs! Who would have thought that I, a backwards hick from wherever I am from would some day post a blog entry on this newfangled internet consisting of 4 paragraphs and very few made-up words!

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