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July 23, 2004

Hello, World

It appears that I have come in as one of the second place entries in the MovableType plugin contest. This is actually what I was shooting for, so I'm quite pleased. From what I saw of people's plugins linked from the dev mailing list and what not, there were a lot of excellent plugins, so my only disappointment is the (somewhat cliched (I have no idea how to get the accent, sorry)) one that there weren't more prizes to go around. On the upside, I know that possibly the best thing about the contest for me was getting off my ass and actually implementing something I'd wanted to implement for a while. Of course, I never thought it would be in perl...

Anywho, for those of you who followed the SixApart link to this page, I've been somewhat lazy in updating my blog to keep the visualizations pretty, so you might just want to look at the documentation's example page. Keep in mind that the client-side image maps only show up on the actual generated visualizations (like on the VU-style display on the main page.)

I'll be making some form of public release this weekend, although there is still more to be done in the near future. It will be released under the LGPL.

Again, congrats to all who entered.

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