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July 31, 2004

Major KoalaRainbow speedup for next release

The fancy blurry cross-bar category display (when modified to use older data so I have stuff to look at), used to take just under 12 seconds. It now takes 2.5 seconds. This is thanks to abandoning using the MT builder to drive the rendering. Instead, the MT builder is used once to populate a primitive in-memory representation. (That shaved 0.5 seconds.) All queries are pre-parsed, rather than parsed every time (that shaves the rest of the time.) The dominant routine (thanks to dprof) is now ImageMagick::Draw, followed by the various AST clone methods. That's probably it for easy efficiency gains.

I'll make a release sometime on Sunday. It will probably include some new example visualizations and whatever infrastructure is required to implement them.

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July 25, 2004

KoalaRainbow 0.9 released

Here you will find the first public release of KoalaRainbow, version 0.9. It is released under the LGPL. Please see the readme for installation instructions.

The only difference between 0.9 and the version submitted to the contest (0.8) is support for auto-sizing images and maintaining image aspect ratios. The VU-display is now fully autosized on this page.

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